Workshop on Standards for Mathematical Practice

Included in the Common Core are eight standards for “mathematical practice”
that describe habits of mind employed by proficient users of mathematics.
Understanding and implementing the mathematical practices will be key to the
impact of the CCSS. The Implementing the Common Core Standards Workshop will
provide an introduction to the Common Core Standards for Mathematical
Practice, with an emphasis on algebra. Specifically, we will examine
standards MP2 (reason abstractly and quantitatively), MP7 (look for and
make use of structure), and MP8 (look for and express regularity in repeated
reasoning), with examples of how these practices can bring coherence to
seemingly disconnected standard topics in elementary, middle and high school

More information is available online at:

About Al Cuoco

Al Cuoco is the the director of the Center for Mathematics Education at EDC. He is the lead author of CME Project, a four-year curriculum in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus. His favorite publication is described by his wife as "an attempt to explain a number system no one understands with a picture no one can see".
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